About Us - Education Policy

The education policy of Army Goodwill School are as enumerated below:-

(a) Access to Education Provide universal enrolment for all children including the girl child and those belonging to the scheduled caste/tribe/economically backward strata of the society.

(b) Education to Poor and Needy Provide scholarships to meritorious students from economically weaker sections thereby lending a helping hand to the poor and keeping them from straying away from the mainstream.

(c) Dropout Rates Continuous encouragement to pursue education and reduce drop out rates, with special emphasis in the primary classes. (d) Patriotism The school endeavors to foster a spirit of national integration and ethos of humanity through well planned curriculum and extra curricular activities.

(e) Capability to Seek Employment The school provides building blocks for developing overall personality of the child. It acts as a mould to equip the students with knowledge and generate quest for same in order to make them capable and confident of choosing a career of choice and excelling in the same.