Amenities - Other Facilities

The school provides following facilities:-

(a) Science Laboratory. Keeping pace with the latest syllabi of the secondary classes, the school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratory where the students are provided with state of art equipments, instruments and other such expedients for carrying out experiments to hone their expertise and enhance learning.

(b) Computer Centre. The school believes in keeping abreast with the latest in Information Technology. A spacious computer centre with seventeen state of the art computers capable of providing quality learning to the students is location in the school premises.

(c) Eureka Software. The school has installed the ultra advanced fully automated and interactive Eureka (teaching aid) software which provides better assimilation on the part of the students. The teaching software covers science and mathematics from class I to X (CBSE). It has 2466 animations and 854 interactive questionnaires for science and mathematics for duration of 130 hours with excellent audio-video quality which is displayed on a 26” TV monitor besides being fully functional on LAN.

(d) Safe Drinking Water. A water purification plant has been installed in the school premises to provide safe and potable drinking water for students