About Us - School Philosophy

The prestigious Army Goodwill School meets the quintessential requirement of primary and secondary education in the Kangan Tehsil. The school promotes the concept of “Learn with Fun” and attempts to develop the overall personality of a student with a view to make him or her capable of making independent decisions in the times to come.

The word “School” is derived from the Greek Skhole, which means ‘Place’, ‘leisure’, ‘philosophy’. “Leisure” comes from the Latin Licere meaning “to be allowed”. Philosophy has its origns in the Greek philosophia, which means “Love of Wisdom”.

The comprehensive meaning of School is a place where students and teachers jointly undertake a voyage of discovery with open minds, Minds allowed to be free from pressure and prejudice. The aim is to develop wisdom and the love of truth in daily living. The meaning of the word “Philosphy” is when one understands the full depth of the meaning of the word “School”, one realizes what vitally important institutions Schools are for the future of humanity.

The AGS, Margund provides the atmosphere in which the child can accumulate knowledge and learn wisdom, developing into an integrated human being and giving him the opportunity to flower in goodness. The AGS, Margund offers a holistic curriculum which develops all aspects of the growing childs’s personality, the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual potential